by Cat on June 25, 2010

I’m always interested in the subject of wine glasses and I ran across a contest to win some (and maybe a trip to Napa) on another wine blog. These glasses, called The OneTM, were designed by Master Sommelier Andrea Immer Robinson.

I haven’t seen them yet myself, but they may just get my vote because they are dishwasher safe. Ever since I destroyed a set of very expensive wine glasses by putting them in the dishwasher until they got all etched and cloudy, I’ve been looking for something that I can trust in the dishwasher. I also want something that looks elegant, has the thin crystal feel and lets you get your nose right into the bowl to really get the aromas.

Of course, since all the research came out on lead leaching out of crystal, I quit buying leaded crystal. I’m happy to say these are lead free. And since my husband occasionally does the dishes, I like the fact that they are break resistant.

To find out more, and to get the link to enter the contest to win the glasses and/or the trip, go to another wine blog on this link. Do it now, the contest deadline is July 9, 2010.

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